Magnetic plate separator

Magnetic separator, plate type, belongs to the separators with the widest utilization range. It is suitable for using in separation of metal impurities from materials with worse loose parameters (e.g. arching materials), and also with abrasive materials. Magnetic lantern enables separation of even bigger impurities. The condition of this separator installation is an interruption of the material flow in the moment of the material cleaning.

Plate-type magnetic separator is designed for a separation from bulk, loose materials transported using gravitational principle within pipelines so the device must be installed in the vertical or, possibly, inclined position. However, the installation should be done always in a way that the material separated falls through the pipeline with ease.

MSP utilization industrial areas

Magnetic lantern finds its application in most of the operations where materials are transported using the gravitational principle. A great advantage of this separator type consists in the fact that it enables magnetic metal separation also from hardly accessible, arch making and abrasive products.

Utilization areas

  • Food industry
  • Building matter production
  • And other areas where dry and even hardly loose material is processed.

 Plate-type magnetic separator may be equipped with both ferrite and very strong neodymium magnets.

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