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Flow-type magnetic separator MF - Special

Flow-type magnetic separator MF – Special

MF 100/1-CL10-K-80-S-P-MODEL 1 – 51992
This separator is designed for semi-liquid or dense liquid mixtures that might block a standard, flow-type separator, characterized by thinner magnetic pipes. The device is finding its application area in the food and/or meat industries. In the separator body, there is just one magnetic pipe with the diameter of 60 mm, around which all separated material is flowing – i.e. coarsely milled meat and entrails. The separator does not include a flow labyrinth, so a fluent material flow is warrantied. The separator may be situated within a pressure pipeline characterized by the maximum pressure of 10 bar. On its upper side, the magnetic component is equipped with a padlock preventing unauthorized pulling the magnetic pipe out when the material is flowing within the pipeline.

More detailed information

Separator technical parameters

  • 100 – entrance and exit inner diameter is 100 mm
  • 1 / single-coated
  • CL – the method of connecting to the pipeline uses the CLAMP connecting system
  • 10 – to be installed within a pipeline with the maximum pressure of 10 bar
  • K – parts being in a contact with the separated material are manufactured using highly resistant 1.4404 stainless steel.
  • 80 – temperature resistance is up to 80 °C
  • S – silicone sealing
  • P – the separator surface treatment is by sanding, the only polished parts are the covering pipes
  • Magnetic induction on the coat: 10,500 G
  • Coat tear-off force: 114 N

Basic technical specification MF-Special

Magnetic equipment

  • Very strong NdFeB magnets, in cover tubes
  • Magnet Ø59

Thermal resistance of magnetic material

  • Standard: up to 80 ˚C

Magnetic core system in tubes

  • Closed cores in tubes, cores are vertically sliding in the component

Separator material

  • Standard: stainless steel 1.4404 / AISI 316L

Body gasket material, and components

  • Standard: silicone seal quality according to the separation task and operating conditions

Surface finishes

  • Outer surfaces of the body and separator components: machine blasted with a fine, ceramic compound
  • Outer surface of cover tubes: machine blasted with a fine, ceramic mixture
  • Inner surfaces of the body technologically cleaned, not machined,

Connection elements

  • Method of connection to the pipe using the CLAMP connection system

Engineering processing

  • All machining is carried out on the machines of our own production base and our own engineering technology MAGSY CZ.

Welds of parts

Performed according to the requirements of the current technological standards for welding of stainless steel materials. High output quality is guaranteed by demanding output control of welds.

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