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Magnetic separator with telescopic grates MSV

Magnetic separator with telescopic grates MSV

“MSV” magnetic separator is a grate-type separator situated in a case, with a manual grate cleaning. It is the most common separator type used in a separation of magnetic impurities from dry mixtures characterized by good loose parameters, transported within industrial pipe systems in discontinuous operations.

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Through the separator, the medium separated flows gravitationally, i.e. the MST separator is designed for vertical pipelines. A moderate pipeline slope of ca 15˚ from the vertical axis at maximum is admissible only in materials with best loose parameters. Note: these MST we supply also for the pneumatic transportation, e.g. behind a plastics material vacuum pump.

MST industrial areas of utilization

In practice, MST magnetic separator is suitable for using in all industrial areas where a dry, homogeneous material or dry material mixture is separated in fine or very fine fractions; however, good loose (bulk) parameters must be observed.

Utilization areas:

  • Agricultural product industry, feeding industry, and especially food industry
  • Building matter production, ceramics, porcelain and chemical industries
  • Rubber and plastics processing industry, recycling and waste processing industry
  • Also other industrial areas where dry materials with good loose parameters are processed

MST grate-type separator is not suitable in abrasive matters (the pipe wall is machined to a small thickness of ca 0.6 mm), and also for materials with an increased adhesion (the grates are stationary – there is a risk of the separator clogging due to so called “arching” of the material).

Utilization area in the industrial sphere:

  1. Separation for the technology protection in operations:

    Technology protection separation is aimed at ferromagnetic impurity removal from a medium, purposed at the technological device protection (cutting knives, mills, etc.) against their damaging. The separator is positioned already during the medium processing, namely before the technological units that need to be protected against damaging by Fe particles. Grate magnetic cores are, from their power point of view, equipped with strong NdFeB magnets. Their composition or the core assembly is aimed at catching of medium size, fine to small impurities (up to the size of 1.0 mm) that could damage subsequent technological devices. In practice it means that core compositions on the levels I or II are used.


  1. Separation focused on the product cleanliness:

    The separation is aimed at cleaning of the own product from ferromagnetic impurities for the purpose of as good as possible product cleanliness. In this case, the separator is situated especially on the production process end, or within its core, on more places. This is the most efficient method. From the power viewpoint, grate magnetic cores are equipped with the strongest NdFeB magnets, and the magnetic core composition is assembled to catch fine to the finest impurities (since 1.0 µm). Practically it means that core compositions on the levels III – VI are used.

MSV telescopic separator – the design and functioning

Main components of this magnetic separator are represented by telescopic magnetic grates located in the house with a case design. Separator case is installed into the material pipe system, at best in the vertical position, in the loose medium free fall direction.

Magnetic grates form a magnetic field in which magnetic particles, impurities are induced and attached to the pipe surface where there remain caught, mostly in the lower pipe part.

Telescopic magnetic separator located in a case structure

FE impurities are caught on the lower pipe side

Functioning of all grate-type separators is based on a strong magnetic induction and the tear-off force on own grate pipe surface, not on a deep magnetic field. Because of that, any impurity must be led to a contact with the magnetic pipe, or to its immediate proximity.

Case type magnetic grates must be therefore located one above another, in order to provide that separate pipes of both grates mutually form an efficient dropping labyrinth.

Therefore, a proper pipe labyrinth is – besides the magnetic force – an essential condition of proper functioning and efficiency of any grate-type separator.

MAGSY disposes of knowledge and long-term experience in assembling of grate labyrinths, in dependence on separated medium and its parameters.

Magnetic grates in the MSV separators

Magnetic grates are sliding independently from the MST separator case. According to the separator size, magnetic grates contain a defined number of magnetic pipes in order to provide that the dropping gap between the pipes in both the horizontal and vertical directions respects proper labyrinth requirement, when respecting medium flow.

In the grate pipes, magnetic cores are situated that are formed by circular magnets and pole distances. Also, the magnetic cores slide from the grate pipe.

By pulling the cores from the grate pipes the grates becomes de-magnetized that is an essential assumption of an easy grate cleaning.

All MST separators require regular manual grate cleaning from magnetic impurities. Cleaning frequency cannot be stipulated generally. It always depends on the size of Fe impurity portion in own medium.

It always depends on the size of Fe impurity portion in own medium. Grate cleaning interval must be adjusted to the value because any excessive deposit of impurities on the grate pipes reduces the separation efficiency significantly.

Because of that it is necessary to only use the MST separator in discontinuous operations where it is possible to keep regular, sufficiently frequent manual grate pipe cleaning operation.

MSV dropping labyrinth

Efficient functioning of all grate-type separators is based on

  • A sufficient magnetic induction (Gs) on the grate surface and near the pipes
  • On a high tear-off force (N) on the own grate pipe surface
  • And on a proper, efficient dropping labyrinth of the grate pipe within a medium flow

Hence, the magnetic field depth is not crucial. Because of that, any impurity must be led to a contact with the magnetic pipe, or to its immediate proximity.

Magnetic grates in cases must be therefore situated on at least two stages above each other, in order to provide that separate pipes of both grates mutually form an efficient dropping labyrinth.

A labyrinth formed by a grate with only one stage of magnetic pipes is, from the separation efficiency point of view, insufficient. In urgent situations (e.g. insufficient construction height), the single-stage grate may be used but a solution like this cannot provide a sufficient separation quality. In any case, it is advisable to replenish the single-stage separator with drawing-apart roofs at least.

The method of separation using grate-type separators with stationary grates is very efficient also in materials with good loose parameters but no – even the strongest possible – magnetic induction is capable of compensation of a good labyrinth function in the system of separation using grate separators.

A suitable labyrinth created by at least two magnetic grates located above each other is, therefore (besides the magnetic force) the main and essential condition of a proper functioning and effectiveness of any grate-type separator!

Type designation and the product series

MAGSY manufactures the MST separators in the three product groups: ClassicUPEKO. Each of the groups includes several models, according to the magnetic separator size. Individual MST product groups distinguish according to customer needs. This means by their design, workmanship and different preferences as for the magnetic force level, comfort level in the cleaning system, and on the level of operator working safety provision as well.

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