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Plate-type magnetic separator MSP - Classic

Plate-type magnetic separator MSP – Classic

Plate-type magnetic separator MSP – Classic is the most frequently used representative of manually cleaned separators used with dry mixtures characterized by compromised loose parameters.

More detailed information

Size models and the separator design

MSP-Classic is manufactured for connections either into round, or square pipelines.

MSP – Classic standardly manufactured models and sizes:

  • For round pipelines with the diameters: 100; 150; 200; 250; 300 mm
  • For square pipelines with the diameters: 100×100; 150×150; 200×200; 250×250; 300×300 mm

When needed (untypical mating dimensions, bigger standard dimensions than stated, insufficient construction height), MAGSY is ready to produce the MSP Classic separator with adapted dimensions, according to your instruction, as a custom-made product. 

Magnetic separator for installations into DN 200 pipelines, with ferrite magnets (MSP 200 F – Classic) we have in stock so it can be sent to you immediately!


Main advantages of the MSP – Classic separator:

  • Separation from hardly permeable materials tending to arching
  • Separation from abrasive materials
  • Possibility of equipping with both ferrite and very strong neodymium NdFeB magnets aimed at reaching the maximum magnetic separation level
  • Magnetic field with four or seven magnetic circuits
  • It enables a separation of even larger-scale ferromagnetic impurities (screws, nails, …)
  • Adjustable drawing-apart roof (easily removable when needed)
  • Big attention is paid to the working safety – the magnets are firmly connected to the separator body
  • Magnets located on the door are covered by a stainless steel sheet metal – the magnets are not in a direct contact with the separated material
  • Separator side walls are equipped with a small transparent window enabling an easy control of the quantity of impurities caught
  • The door is equipped with a „nose“ protecting the metal particles caught against getting back to the separated material
  • High engineering workmanship level – the best materials are used, engineering workmanship is characterized by a high precision, high resistance, durability and assembling readiness
Plate-type magnetic separator MSP – Classic
Plate-type magnetic separator MSP – Classic
Plate-type magnetic separator MSP – Classic
Plate-type magnetic separator MSP – Classic

MSP-Classic general technical specification

Magnetic equipment

  • Ferrite or very strong NdFeB magnets

Magnetic material temperature resistance

  • As a standard: up to 80 ˚C
  • As an option : up to 150 ˚C

Magnetic output

  • ferrite magnets: 2000 – 2500 G
  •  neodymium NdFeB magnets: 6000 – 7000 G

Separator cleaning

  • Separator cleaning is performed when the material flow is stopped
  • After the door is opened, the metals caught are removed manually


  • As a standard: stainless steel 1.4301 / AISI 304.
  • As an option:  stainless steel 1.4404 / AISI 316L (for acidic pH values)

Door sealing material

  • As a standard: rubber sealing in a quality corresponding to the separation task and operational conditions
  • As an option: food industry sealing conforming to the food industry requirements

All materials are quality-certified according to EU norms.

Surface treatment

  • Machine blasting – in case of the food industry, corners and welds inside of the case are machined according to food industry standard requirements (as an option).
  • As an option: the product may also be supplied in the polished version.

Connecting elements

  • As a standard: flange according to respective pipeline dimension(s)
  • Or optionally: JACOB clip according to respective pipeline dimension(s)

Counter-flanges are parts of the product. Other connecting elements (e.g. „smooth pipe“) are, as non-standard versions, possible as options.

Engineering workmanship

All engineering workmanship operations are carried out on machines belonging to the company production facility, using own MAGSY CZ engineering technologies.

Component welds

They are performed according to requirements of valid technological norms dealing with stainless steel material welding. Demanding outgoing weld quality control guarantees a high outgoing production quality.


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