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Single-sided magnetic separator MSV PO J

This magnetic separator with an automatic cleaning, to be used for dry mixtures, serves to a separation of very small metal impurities. Due to a unique pipe cleaning system, it is possible to separate even metal impurities larger than 5 mm which could not be separated using the double-sided separator. As a standard, we manufacture three general incoming hole dimensional types: 250 x 250, 400 x 400 and 500 x 500 mm, with the capacity of up to 150 t/h. Using various transitional elements, we are able to adapt all holes to requirements of our customers. A great advantage also consists in the small construction height.

Due to the sophisticated magnetic rod dropping labyrinth system, organized into two rows (but on request, we can also manufacture more rows), the magnetic separation system is very efficient. Standard version of this magnetic separator is not designed for continuous processes because the cleaning system is performed out of the material flow (i.e. the material flow must be interrupted during the cleaning cycle).

Single-sided magnetic separator MSV PO J

Size models and the separator design

Incoming and outgoing holes are 250 x 250 mm (the capacity is 15-20 t/h), 400 x 400 mm (with the capacity of 30-60 t/h), and 500 x 500 mm (the capacity of 60-150 t/h).

Magnetic separator capacity is influenced by more factors e.g. material granularity, bulk weight, flow speed and height, bulk (loose) parameters, etc.

Magnetic separator with automatic cleaning – the benefits:

  • High separation efficiency due to using of a sophisticated, well-proven dropping labyrinth
  • Not so strict demands on the construction site area
  • Variability in designing of magnetic induction on 6 levels, according to the separation task and requirements
  • Separation of metal impurities with the size since one micron
  • No operators needed (time and cost savings, manufacturing process automation)
  • Controlling system flexibility as for the language versions – according to customer requirements
  • Cleaning cycle setting using a programmable PLC Siemens with a touchscreen
  • The PLC guards pipe traveling to the final position, sufficient air pressure, it also enables a manual step-like pipe movement (e.g. due to servicing), statistics – (number of the cleaning cycles, number of pipe travel failures, number of air pressure failures, etc.)
  • Minimum clean material losses, minimum requirements on electricity and medium consumption
  • Variability in possibilities of a connecting to the remote administration (GSM module), and the apparatus control from the customers central controlling system
  • Easy connecting to the pipeline system using a flange or transitional element
  • The device may also be carried out as a version suitable for explosive environments ATEX
  • Own service department

Separation system

The material falls through the double system of a well-made magnetic rod labyrinth, with very strong magnets where the upper magnet row includes one magnetic rod less than the lower magnet row that is installed in the upper row spaces. In case of respective customer requirement, we can manufacture the magnetic separator also with more magnet rows.

Separator safety and quality information

We care about the high quality of our magnetic separators

Automatic cleaning system

The material is poured through the magnetic separator side. According to the time interval set on the PLC, automatic travel of the magnetic pipes to the pouring side will take place. On the side, the own demagnetizing process will be done and the metals caught will fall off (see the below animation). Except the travel of magnetic pipes, the electronic guard also checks whether all pipes moved to the initial position of the separation. If not, red warning light is on, and the system reports a failure.

For a sake of the visual functionality check, two transparent inspection holes are located on the separator.

Connection requirements

  • Power supply 230 V
  • Pressurized air (6 bar is required permanently) – pressurized air supply must be permanent (in case of this magnetic separator type, pressure loss of ca 1.5 bar must be taken into account within one cleaning cycle). In case the air supply is insufficient (below 4 bar), the magnetic separator will not meet its automatic cleaning function, and it will be put out of the operation. The maximum air working pressure must not exceed 7 bar!

We do not recommend installing this magnetic separator below a weighing machine (a discontinuous material pouring takes place, causing thus the magnetic separator putting out of the operation – and the pipe is clogged).

The material falling down to the magnetic separator (magnetic pipe) area must fall equally onto the entire incoming hole area – situations when the material is poured just to one of the sides may not take place as this could cause the magnetic separator clogging and putting out of the operation.

Summary of the most important characteristics essential for a proper separator functioning

  • The material must be perfectly dry.
  • Without any small lumps.
  • Continuous material pouring must be provided
  • The material must be poured equally to the magnetic separator area, evenly distributed within its entire functional surface

Remote administration

  • A possibility of a remote administration of the separators with an automatic cleaning – developed by the company MAGSY
  • Access from anywhere, using a web interface – provided by a unique accessing password
  • For a future, there is a possibility of a remote changing of particular parameters (e.g. cleaning interval length)
  • On-line statistics of the number of cleaning cycles, air pressure, etc.
  • Guarding of the servicing intervals and spare part wear and tear
  • You may perform all of these activities by yourself – or they can be carried out for you by the company MAGSY, as outsourced activities
  • Every minute, the separator status is being sent
  • No excessive work for our customers (mobile network, etc.)
  • Webpage: separator status + statistics
  • E-mail in case of a failure or unavailability
  • Regular e-mails (weekly reports)
  • Remote separator administration

Complete device includes:

  • Magnetic separator with an automatic cleaning
  • FESTO pneumatic components
  • PLC Siemens (cleaning interval setting of 1 min – 90 min, manual mode possibility, cleaning test, statistics) – it may be supplied also without controlling PLC system (customers may connect their magnetic separator using supplied language code, to their PLC)
  • Rittal distributor
  • The interconnection between the PLC and magnetic separator is carried out using a connector (a simple disconnection option)
  • External control using potential-less contacts (a possibility of the device connecting to the customer central counter using a connector – start / stop / test / failure resetting – an actual separator status) – for a possibility of getting a complete device status picture, plus setting in the customer central system – the separator may be delivered including Profinet system
  • Electrical and air distributors assembled to a wall as a standard (supplied as mounted on a stand as an option)
  • Aerial and shadowed communication electrical cable length is 3 m
  • Customer servicing phone support in the mode of 24/7

Types of the magnets, magnetic parameters

Very strong neodymium magnets NdFeB based on rare earths. Magnetic rod diameter is 33 mm, there is a selection from the magnetic parameters on 6 levels

Temperature resistance of the magnets

General option is up to 80 °C; by request, also a variant with the resistance of up to 120 °C can be produced.

Separator material

Stainless steel 1.4301 /AISI 304/

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Please describe your needs as precisely as possible. We will send you a confirmation of your request and redirect you to a suitable specialist. He or she can contact you for further details at the contacts listed..

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Inquire about our services - you will receive an offer within 48 hours

Please describe your needs as precisely as possible. We will send you a confirmation of your request and redirect you to a suitable specialist. He or she can contact you for further details at the contacts listed..

Need a quote sooner? Call +420 577 220 497