We are a company that specialises mainly in the production of magnetic separators, but we are also one of the leading manufacturers of sorting lines. Our years of experience enable us to provide a complete solution to meet our clients’ requirements. For example, we can provide you with the design, construction and building of separation lines, for both magnetic and non-magnetic materials.

We are able to meet our customers’ requirements from A to Z, exactly according to their requirements. The design depends on the specific application, type and total amount of material that will pass through the separation line and other factors that we will specify together during consultations.

Example of a separation line for both magnetic and non-magnetic materials

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Our separation line consists of three separate parts. The first part separates iron, where magnetic particles are captured through a magnetic drum. Afterwards, the remaining particles fall onto a conveyor belt, where stainless steel particles are separated by a magnetic roller. And the last part of the separation line separates the remaining non-magnetic metal particles, using an Eddy Current induction separator, such as aluminium or copper parts which are left behind. All the separated particles fall into a special container that is designed for them.

Iron separation

The magnetic drum is designed for the separation of metallic magnetic parts from loose mixtures (non-ferrous metals, plastic granulate, etc.). As a rule, it is placed under the hopper of the machine or behind the conveyor belt, from which non-separated material falls onto the magnetic drum, which carries out the actual separation. A great benefit of the magnetic drum is that it is not part of the conveyor belt, so it can be used in numerous ways.

The magnetic drum consists of an outer stainless steel rotating shell with a sleeve and magnetic core fitted with ferrite magnets or also very powerful neodymium magnets NdFeB.

You can use the magnetic drum ideally to protect equipment from damage by metal particles.

Stainless steel separation

The magnetic roller is a separator featuring automatic cleaning without the need for human operators. In this case, the magnetic roller will help you separate bigger stainless steel impurities which have already been processed in some way in the previous production step, preferably crushed.

The magnetic roller is most often used to replace the existing conveyor end roller. The roller is, therefore, manufactured in such a way that it can replace the existing roller, and no conveyor modification is required.

Separation of non-magnetic metals (aluminium, copper, etc.)

From time to time, it is necessary to separate non-magnetic metals from non-metallic materials (plastic, paper, wood, glass, etc.) in production. The right way to do this is by using a so-calledinduction separator. The Eddy Current, as it is otherwise called, is the best way to accomplish separation tasks that cannot be achieved with a conventional magnetic separator.

The induction separator uses the principle of magnetic eddy currents (so-called Foucault currents). The magnetic roller is always incorporated into the induction magnetic roller and conveyor assembly. The roller features powerful neodymium magnets. The magnetic roller rotates at a high speed, allowing the induction separator to temporarily charge non-magnetic metals with the same magnetic charge as the induction roller. Therefore, the metals are ”thrown” away from the magnetic roller by the eddy currents and then drop off.

Our Eddy Current unit features a sophisticated separator. The separator can be easily adjusted in two directions, making it simple to effectively separate non-metallic materials from non-magnetic metals, thus ensuring high-quality separation.

We manufacture customised separation lines

We are the leaders in creating customised designs and constructions according to customer requirements. We are able to incorporate crushers and mills, magnets over a conveyor, various types of conveyors, and other equipment as per the requirements, among others, into our separation lines. The fact that we are a truly capable and experienced magnetic separator manufacturer is proven by our 20 years of experiences and hundreds of satisfied customers.

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