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Magnetic plate placed above MD belt conveyor

Magnetic plate placed above MD belt conveyor

Magnetic plate (MP) placed above the belt conveyor is an ideal solution for a separation of small quantities of ferromagnetic impurities of larger dimensions from easily permeable materials during their transportation on belt conveyors. In most cases, magnetic plate locating does not need any changes in the conveyor design.

Příklady použití

More detailed information

Magnetic plate industrial utilization areas

MP magnetic plates are suitable on all places where material preparation using belt conveyors prevails, and the quantity of ferromagnetic impurities does not exceed an acceptable limit for the manual cleaning. In case of materials containing higher metal impurity concentrations, we recommend using magnetic separator placed above a conveyor with an automatic cleaning.

In case of a big separated material thickness, or in case the material permeability is compromised, it is suitable to complete the belt conveyor with the magnetic driving cylinder that will ensure the separation from the lower material layers.

Utilization areas

  • Processing technology protection (grinders, screeners) during mineral extraction
  • Agricultural product sorting (potatoes, beet, onion, etc.)
  • Waste recycling and processing
  • Other industrial areas where easily permeable materials are transported

As a partially limiting factor in the magnetic plate utilization, maximum conveyor belt speed must be taken into account. In standard plates, the speed should not exceed 1.5 m/s. In cases the speed is higher, the plate should be made-to-measure. The plate will warrant the separation efficiency required.


Utilization areas in the industrial operations


  1. Separation aimed at the processing technology protection

    The separation is aimed at elimination of potential machine and device damaging risks, within the technological processing string of raw materials transported such as mills, grinders, screeners, etc. The separator is installed before these technological units and, generally, it is valid that bigger metal impurities mean a higher separation efficiency. By this reason, we recommend using the plate in the STANDARD version or EKO version (which is cheaper).

  2. Separation aimed at the product cleanliness

    Here the target is achieving of the maximum product cleanliness where this is no more possible using any other separation method. The process is usually running on the production process end. Due to the fact the magnetic plate using is mostly recommended to catch bigger ferromagnetic impurities, to guarantee a separation of smaller metal particles we recommend using the plates in the ES version (extra strong) or, possibly, plates equipped with neodymium magnets.

Magnetic plate placed above MD belt conveyor

Magnetic plate placed above MD belt conveyor

Magnetic plate placed above MD belt conveyor

Magnetic plate placed above MD belt conveyor

Magnetic plate installation above the belt conveyor – assembling instructions

A benefit of our magnetic plates consists in an easy assembling on a place of separation. For that, four hanging meshes are used, each in one of the plate corners. Magnetic plate should be located as close as possible to the separated material, keeping the air gap needed for the metal impurities already separated. This prevents their catching and tearing off by the material transported on the belt.

To increase the separation efficiency, it is suitable to open the conveyor belt on the assembling place, to achieve a thinner separated material layer, and spread it out within the entire belt width. At the same time we recommend to install the magnetic plate between the cylindrical stools, on the place with the lowest occurrence of other steel structures or, possibly, to replace a part of the conveyor structure within the nearest separator proximity with stainless steel or other non-magnetic structural elements.

Magnetic plate above the belt conveyor – design and functioning

Magnetic plates above the belt conveyors are manufactured with the standard dimensions according to the type series of conveyor belt widths. Mostly they are equipped with ferrite magnets whereas we distinguish between the three general variants according to the thickness needed for a required separation efficiency:

  • ECO –  the thickness of 205 mm for a separation of large and medium size ferromagnetic impurities from easily permeable materials transported with a lower speed and in a thinner layer.
  • STANDARD – the thickness of 230 mm finds its application area in most of the situations where the maximum recommended speed of the transported material is achieved.
  • ES (extra strong) – the thickness of 300 mm for using in demanding conditions where there is a harder material permeability or where the material is transported in a thicker layer and, at the same time, separation of smaller metal impurities is required.

In rare situations we supply the magnetic plates equipped with neodymium (NdFeB) magnets with the thicknesses of 45 mm (STANDARD) and 60 mm (ES-extra strong). Except the low weight, their another advantage consists in an enormously strong magnetic field enabling a separation of even small and very small ferromagnetic impurities.  However, this benefit (in comparison with ferrite plates) is limited by the installation condition of the maximum 100 mm distance from the conveyor belt surface.

The design of MAGSY magnetic plates is adapted to the industrial use, and a special magnetic circuit with a shadowing steel plate eliminate magnetic field radiation to its surrounding and it concentrates the radiation in a direction of the conveyor belt with a transported material.

Magnetic plate cleaning is performed manually, always during technological break, on a stopped belt conveyor. For an easier removal of smaller ferromagnetic impurities, it is possible to equip the plate with a special cleaning sheet metal with handles that will accelerate the whole cleaning process. Caught impurity quantity has an impact on further separation efficiency, so we recommend to adapt the cleaning frequency to the quantity of ferromagnetic impurities caught.


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Product line

As a standard, magnetic plates (MP) are equipped with ferrite magnets and, according to requested magnetic field intensity, we distinguish between the type lines ECO, STANDARD and ES (extra strong). Plate sizes are adapted to standard belt conveyor widths (500, 650, 800, 1000, 1200 mm). Magnetic plates of the ECO line with the widths of 500, 650 and 800 mm we have available in our stock so they may be supplied immediately.

Special neodymium plates are manufactured as a custom-made production in any dimensions given by a customer requirement, in the versions STANDARD and ES (extra strong).