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Magnetic separation vessel MSN

Magnetic separation vessel MSN

Magnetic separation vessels find their application area in operations where there is a need to separate large quantities of metal impurities from the liquids. According to types of the magnets used (in vessels, both weaker ferrite magnets and the strongest neodymium NdFeB magnets may be used), it is possible to separate not only larger, but also very fine impurities. Magnetic separation vessel is always equipped with a magnetic cylinder. Separated liquid flows through this cylinder that is capable of catching metal magnetic impurities. Then the impurities are wiped off the rotating magnetic cylinder, to a vessel prepared in advance.

More detailed information

Separation vessel may significantly increase separated medium (water, oil, emulsion, …) lifetime, and also the quality of the following manufacturing processes (e.g. reduction of costs of machining tools grinding) may be increased significantly.

Very often, magnetic separation vessel is recommended as a secondary separation element in automatic flow-type separators.


Industrial areas of MSN utilization

Magnetic separation vessels find their application area in most of the operations where bigger quantities of metal magnetic impurities must be separated from liquid matters. They are used frequently in situations where  automatic flow-type separators. cannot be utilized due to big quantities of separated impurities. As well as with this separator type, that is an automatic magnetic separator so no human operation is needed, in practice, this means personal cost reduction and overall higher separation quality.

 Utilization areas:

  • Machine engineering
  • Iron and steel works, wire works
  • As an additional equipment to grinders

Utilization areas in the industrial operations:

  1. Separation to protect technologies in operations:

    In case the separator is installed for a purpose of a manufacturing technology protection, it becomes usual to equip it with ferrite magnets. Separator equipped this way enables separation of rather bigger metal impurities, in a way that a risk of damaging of a subsequent manufacturing technology is reduced. Also for this type of utilization, the separator may be equipped with very strong neodymium magnets. It always depends on a particular situation.


  1. Separation aimed at product cleanliness

    It always depends on the magnetic separation task. It is possible to use a separator with ferrite, or with very strong neodymium magnets. Separation vessel should be situated not only into the final manufacturing process stage, as a final outgoing separation, but also to previous manufacturing phases, in a way that gradual catching of maximum ferromagnetic impurity quantities, on various production levels, is provided.

Separator safety and quality information

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Design and functioning of MSN magnetic separation vessel

Magnetic separation vessel always contains a magnetic cylinder (equipped with weaker ferrite or very strong neodymium magnets). On this cylinder, metal impurities are caught; they are wiped off the rotating cylinder to the garbage vessel.

According to the separation vessel design type, we distinguish between:

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