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Rotational magnetic separator MSVR

A new line of rotational magnetic separators is designed and developed especially with respect to very strict requirements of our customers, as for the magnetic separation, even in very “complicated” materials. This deals with their loose (bulk) parameters. In this group, milled paprika, milled pepper, some fractions of kaolin, carbon black, flour, milled sugar and many other materials tending to the arching process, preventing thus a continuous material flow through the pipeline, should be mentioned.

Industrial areas of MSVR separator utilization

Practically, MSVR may be used in all industrial areas where materials characterized by fine to very fine fractions with compromised loose parameters, are separated.

Utilization areas:

  • Food industry
  • Building matter production
  • Ceramics industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Plastics and rubber processing, waste recycling and processing
  • And other industrial areas where materials with compromised loose parameters are processed.

To a limited extent, MSVR rotational magnetic separator is useful also in slightly abrasive materials. However, in such case there must be considered the reduction of

magnetic induction (magnetic force) in tens %. For each magnetic force level, this reduction is different.

Why should these magnetic separators be used?

  • Due to very strong magnets, you protect your technologies:

    This separation is aimed at ferromagnetic impurity removal from the material, in order to protect subsequent technological units (grinders, mills, extrusion heads, etc.) against their fatal damaging. From the output point of view, rotating component magnetic cores are equipped with strong NdFeB (neodymium) magnets assembled to a magnetic circuit capable of catching medium-size, small to fine metal magnetic impurities (the size from 1 mm) that could damage your technological device. In these magnetic assemblies, level I .is applied.

  • Product cleanliness separation due to the extra strong magnetic field assembly:

    Product-cleanliness separation focuses on a perfect cleaning – own product separation from the ferromagnetic impurities purposed at achieving of as good as possible product cleanliness. In this case, we mostly recommend installing the magnetic separator as a final, ending position, before the point where the material leaves the plant. To achieve as much as possible magnetic separation efficiency, we recommend choosing one more place of the installation, somewhere during the course of the production. This is the most efficient technique. In case of this magnetic separation, we used the strongest possible magnetic circuit assembly, i.e. level II. ,where the finest metal magnetic impurities up to the size of 1,0 µm are caught.

Separator safety and quality information

We care about the high quality of our magnetic separators

Technical solution

Through the magnetic separator, the material is passing using the gravity principle that is the same as with e.g. magnetic separators with telescopic grates; metal magnetic impurities are caught on magnetized pipes arranged into a circular assembly. It is exactly this kind of rotation that provides the material is moved uniformly through the pipeline, preventing thus magnetic separator clogging given by worsened loose parameters of the separated material. In some cases this rotation is even a positive factor in relation to other technological devices and material processing (the material is aerated – ruffled).

In various material types it is necessary to choose different magnetic component rotational speeds, so we standardly offer our rotational magnetic separators either with one or with two adjustable speeds. As an option, the device may be supplied also with a fluently regulated speed.

By the reason of its cleaning, it is necessary to count with a short material flow interruption with this magnetic separator type. The flow interruption varies according to a selected rotational separator type (STANDARD, ECO, STANDARD – UP, AUT). In case the material flow interruption is not possible from a technological reason, we recommend installation of a bypass where simplest magnetic separator may be installed to the other branch, to provide a continuous, uninterrupted separation.

MSVR magnetic separator structural solution

From the structural point of view, this magnetic separator consists of the magnetic separator body and of so called circular assembly of magnetic cores, located in stainless steel pipes. Together they form a magnetic component (magnetic core magnets temporarily the stainless steel pipes). This magnetic component rotates around its axis, as a whole. Magnetic separator is installed in the vertical position at best, within the poured material free fall. Circularly arranged covering pipes are – by the reason of possible current wear and tear – replaceable.  Wear and tear may also take place in cases when the separator is installed into slightly abrasive materials (prior to its using in this abrasive environment, the manufacturer must be consulted).

Magnetic cores form a strong magnetic field in which metal magnetic impurities are attracted to the pipe surface where they remained firmly attached. Magnetic function of these magnetic separators is based on

the strong magnetic induction and tear-off force values on a the own covering pipe surface. Therefore, any impurity must be taken to a close contact with the magnetic pipe, or to its immediate proximity.

This magnetic separator is equipped with driving units made by reputed companies NORD or SEW. Gear ratios are designed depending on a type of material from which the separation will take place. Magnetic separator control is provided either using a separate distributor meeting all demands and requirements of European norms, or it is ended with a terminal box located on the motor (it always depends on a specific customer requirement – whether they require a complete solution, or if they want to install the entire device and connect it to their technological system).

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Type designation and the product line:

MAGSY manufactures the following magnetic separator type, in four designs:

  • MSVR Standard
  • MSVR Standard – UP

Each of the groups consists of several models, according to the magnetic separator size. Separate MSVR product groups vary according to customer needs, especially in relation to the magnetic force required, comfort level, cleaning system, and regarding the operator working safety level.

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Please describe your needs as precisely as possible. We will send you a confirmation of your request and redirect you to a suitable specialist. He or she can contact you for further details at the contacts listed..

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Inquire about our services - you will receive an offer within 48 hours

Please describe your needs as precisely as possible. We will send you a confirmation of your request and redirect you to a suitable specialist. He or she can contact you for further details at the contacts listed..

Need a quote sooner? Call +420 577 220 497