Magnetic rod

Magnetic rod is an essential part of any magnetic grate. Using several magnetic rods, a simple, one-story magnetic grate may be created. Magnetic rod consists of a closed, stainless steel pipe and magnetic core. On one end, the pipe is equipped with an inner screw for an attachment to the grate frame.

Magnetic rods – main benefits:

  • Good magnetic output of separate rods due to strong NdFeB magnets
  • Minimum magnetic output losses due to a thin, worked pipe wall.
  • The product has flexible dimensions. MAGSY manufactures magnetic rods according to dimensions given by customers.

Non-comfortable system of magnetic rods cleaning from Fe impurities is a disadvantage. The cores cannot be pulled out.

Pipe wall is machined to as low as possible thickness, in order to minimize the magnetic force losses. Magnetic core consists of cylindrical NdFeB magnets and pole extensions.

Standard magnetic parameters of MAGSY rods are on the three levels.

As a standard, MAGSY manufactures MR magnetic rods in two diameters and several lengths.

  • MR with the diameter of 25 mm: the lengths are 150; 200; 250; 300; 350; 450 and 500 mm
  • MR with the diameter of 30 mm: the length is 250 mm.

Magnetic rod cleaning is always manual. Wipe Fe impurities off from the rod surface by hand.

Customers prefer magnetic rods mainly in certain grate dimensions. Own grate is made by customers by themselves.

Magnetic rods are made-on-measure by MAGSY in various lengths and flexibly, based on a submission.

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