If we talk about a magnetic separator with sliding grates, we have to imagine a kind of case containing technology that can separate impurities from dry homogeneous mixtures and materials in pipeline systems in non-continuous operations.

At the heart of the technology inside the case are magnetic sliding grates. This case is then installed in the pipeline system, preferably in a vertical position, so that the bulk material can be easily moved through the entire separation mechanism. The magnetic grates inside the case can detect and attract magnetic impurities within the mixture of the fed material.

Where is this separator useful?

  • Food industry
  • Agrarian industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Construction industry – production of building materials, ceramics and porcelain
  • Manufacturing industry (plastics and rubber processing, recycling and waste sorting)


Main advantages of the separator


Removal of impurities during operation to protect production technology

  • Thanks to the separator, ferromagnetic impurities are removed right at the beginning or during the production process, before the material enters the technology, thus preventing damage to it
  • The grate is made up of magnetic rods that are fitted with powerful neodymium magnets that guarantee maximum separation
  • Capable of capturing impurities from 1 mm in size


Separation for maximum product purity:

  • For maximum purity of the final product, the separator is placed at the very end of the production process
  • The product itself is thus cleaned of ferromagnetic impurities
  • Purity is ensured by the powerful neodymium magnets that are part of the magnetic rods
  • The magnetic rods capture very fine impurities (from 1.0 µm)


Magnetic separator cleaning procedure


Magnetic separators can be purchased already produced and ready in stock, or if your operation requires a customised solution, we can provide you with a customised project from design and production to installation.

MAGSY is not only the largest specialist manufacturer, but has also been in the industry for over 20 years. It has branches not only all over Europe, but also in Russia and the U.S.A.

Our years of experience allow us to produce a customised separator within 3 months on average, which is why we rank among the leaders in our field in Europe.