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Plate-type magnetic separator MSP / Magnetic lantern

Magnetic separator, plate type, belongs to the separators with the widest utilization range. It is suitable for using in separation of metal impurities from materials with worse loose parameters (e.g. arching materials), and also with abrasive materials. Magnetic lantern enables separation of even bigger impurities.

The condition of this separator installation is an interruption of the material flow in the moment of the material cleaning.

Plate-type magnetic separator is designed for a separation from bulk, loose materials transported using gravitational principle within pipelines so the device must be installed in the vertical or, possibly, inclined position. However, the installation should be done always in a way that the material separated falls through the pipeline with ease.

MSP utilization industrial areas

Magnetic lantern finds its application in most of the operations where materials are transported using the gravitational principle. A great advantage of this separator type consists in the fact that it enables magnetic metal separation also from hardly accessible, arch making and abrasive products.

Utilization areas

  • Food industry
  • Building matter production
  • And other areas where dry and even hardly loose material is processed.

 Plate-type magnetic separator may be equipped with both ferrite and very strong neodymium magnets.


Utilization areas in the industrial operation.

  • Separation aimed at technology protection in operations

    In case the separator is installed for the purpose of production technology protection, it is usually equipped with ferrite magnets. Ä separator equipped this way enables separation of rather bigger metal impurities, in a way that the risk of subsequent production technology damaging is reduced. Also for this kind of using, it is possible to equip the separator with even very strong neodymium magnets. It always depends on the situation in question.

  • Separation focused on the product cleanliness

    It always depends on the magnetic separation task. It is possible to use a separator with both ferrite and very strong neodymium magnets. It is suitable to situate the plate-type separator not only within the last phase of the production process, as the final output separation element, but also into previous production phases, in a way that maximum ferromagnetic impurity quantities are caught gradually on various production levels.

MSP magnetic lantern design and functioning

Magnetic plate-type separators always consist of two magnetic „doors“ situated against each other. There is no obstacle within the material flow. This leads to the situation that there is no separator clogging and the material does not form vaults.

Magnetic door is equipped with ferrite or neodymium magnets, namely in the way that for magnetic circuits are created and the material passes through them. Due to this high quantity of the magnetic vaults, ferromagnetic impurities are caught to great extent.

For applications where high separation quality is required or higher ferromagnetic impurity concentrations are ascertained, MAGSY developed a plate-type separator with seven magnetic circuits!

Impurities are caught directly on the magnetic door on which the metals are held. The door is equipped with a protective roof („a nose“). The nose is located on the door, in the position where the structurally highest magnet tear-off force is noted. Caught metal is retained here using the highest possible force, in order to prevent its getting back to the material flow. In addition to that, metals caught by this „nose“ are also mechanically protected, in order to prevent metal getting back to the material, as mentioned above.

Magnetic lantern is equipped with an adjustable roof located in the middle of the pipe cross-section. The roof directs separated material to both of the magnetic doors, increasing thus magnetic separation quality. Drawing-apart roof is easily adjustable (there is a possibility of the roof angle setting). In case there is separated a material that does not enable this roof utilization (because the separator might become clogged), it may be dismantled quickly.

Plate-type separator for abrasive materials

This magnetic separator type may be used also in a separation from abrasive materials. In such cases we install insertions onto all areas that are in a contact with the material. For the purpose we use anti-abrasive polyurethane.

MAGSY disposes knowledge and long-term experience in assembling of plate-type separator circuits, depending on separated medium, its parameters and the separation task.

Type designation and the product series

MAGSY manufactures the MST separators in the three product groups: ClassicUPMDV. includes several models, according to the magnetic separator size. Individual MST product groups distinguish according to customer needs. This means by their design, workmanship and different preferences as for the magnetic force level, comfort level in the cleaning system, and on the level of operator working safety provision as well.

For operations characterized by higher ferromagnetic impurity loads, MAGSY manufactures plate-type separators with automatic cleaning,

Plate-type magnetic separator MSP Classic
Plate-type magnetic separator MSP UP
Magnetic door MD

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Inquire about our services - you will receive an offer within 48 hours

Please describe your needs as precisely as possible. We will send you a confirmation of your request and redirect you to a suitable specialist. He or she can contact you for further details at the contacts listed..

Need a quote sooner? Call +420 577 220 497