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Cistern-type magnetic separator MF CIS Special

Cistern-type magnetic separator MF CIS Special

MF 100/1-CIS-4P-N-5-120-S-P-MODEL 1 – 51943
This cistern-type and flow-type magnetic separator serves to a separation of metal impurities from dry, powder-like, loose and well permeable materials being used in the food, chemical and/or raw material industries. During discharge, these materials are transported from a cistern truck using pressurized air, or by free pouring. Safety insuring of the magnetic component in the separator body is provided using safety nuts. The separator is also suitable for pressure pipelines with the maximum pressure of 2 bar. Flow labyrinth consists of 7 magnetic pipes.

Příklady použití

More detailed information

News in comparison with the standard version

  • On two positions, the magnetic separator includes a silicone sealing. The first position is between the body and the pipes whereas the second one is between the pipes and the magnets.
  • The magnet are permanently covered with the stainless-steel pipes. A great benefit of this design consists in the fact that the magnets are protected safely against humidity. And also, in case of a careless cleaning, there is not a risk that any metal impurities occur on the magnets.
  • The magnetic component is attached to the separator body using for safety points.
  • Entire separator is sanded completely. As the only polished parts, covering pipes are considered, in order to enable better cleaning – i.e. wiping metal impurities caught off.

Separator technical parameters

  • 100 – entrance and exit inner diameter is 100 mm
  • 1 – single-coated, no separator body cooling / heating option included
  • 4P – four-inch, screw-type outer threading on both the entrance and exit
  • N – entire separator is made out of the 1.4301 stainless steel
  • Coat magnetic induction is 12,343 G
  • Coat tear-off force is 97 N
  • 120 – temperature resistance is up to 120 °C