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Flow-type magnetic separator MF

Flow-type magnetic separator MF

Magnetic separators named “MF” are flow-type separators (so called „magnetic filters“) characterized by manual cleaning. They are the most common types of separators used in separation of magnetic impurities in liquid mixtures and liquids transported in the industrial pipeline systems in discontinuous operations.

More detailed information

Separated medium flows through the separator, either using a free flow without a pressure, or based on a forced flow in a pressure pipeline. MF separators are designed for both vertical and horizontal pipeline directions. MF separator design system developed by MAGSY is characterized by closed magnetic cores in the covering pipes. This way the protection of magnetic cores against negative action of aggressive environments is provided.

MF utilization industrial areas

In general, MF magnetic separators are suitable for using in all industrial areas where the cleaning medium is a liquid or, respectively, liquid material mixtures with common flowing parameters.


Utilization areas

  • Liquid cooling systems in all industrial areas,
  • Machine engineering, ceramics and porcelain industry, chemical industry,
  • Food industry – liquid products and intermediate products,

Utilization area in the industrial operations:

  1. Separation aimed at technological protection in operations

    Separation aimed at technological protection is focused on removing of ferromagnetic impurities from a medium, purposed at a protection of technological devices (pumps, filters, etc.) against their damaging. The separator is situated already within the medium processing, namely before the technological units that need to be protected against damaging and/or wear and tear by Fe particles. From the output point of view, grate magnetic cores are equipped with strong NdFeB  magnets, and their composition (or, in other words, core assembly, is made to catch medium-size, fine to smaller impurities (from the size of 1.0 mm) that could damage subsequent technological devices. In practice this means that core compositions on the levels I or II are used.


  1. Separation aimed at the product cleanliness

    This separation is aimed at the own product cleaning from the ferromagnetic impurities, focused on achieving as good as possible product cleanliness. In this case, the separator is situated especially in the end of the manufacturing process, or within its course, on more places. This is the most efficient technique. . From the output point of view, grate magnetic cores are equipped with strong NdFeB  magnets, and the magnetic core composition is made to catch medium-size, fine to smaller impurities (from the size of 1.0 mm). In practice this means that core compositions on the levels III – VI are used.

MF flow-type separator: design and functioning

The main elements of this magnetic separator are the separator body, separator component and connecting elements. The pipe-like body is mounted firmly to the material pipeline using connecting elements. The body is a separation space. The body size is given by the size (clearance) of the separated material pipeline, and it is designed in a manner that the separator as such does not reduce the separated material flow rate, and the operational conditions are not changed.

Body material dimension is always such that it respects operational conditions of the separated material pipeline (pressure resistance, welds).

The component is removable, and it consists of the covering pipes, sliding magnetic cores and sliding mechanism including a pull bar.

During the own separator cleaning process, the component is removed from the separator body in order to perform the cleaning as such out of the material flow. Using the sliding mechanism, the cores are moved to the component upper part. This way, the pipes become demagnetized and Fe particles caught can be removed from the covering pipes easily.

Magnetic cores in the pipes form a magnetic field in which magnetic particles, impurities are induced and attached to the pipes surface. They remain caught there, mainly on the side opposite to the medium flow direction.

MF separator is installed into the separated material pipeline system as needed – in the vertical or horizontal position.

In their standard version, MF flow-type separators are prepared for an installation into a pressure pipeline using the standard operational pressure of up to 6 bar. As an option, MAGSY can prepare the MF separator also for high-pressure pipeline, for the pressure of up to 7 ~ 40 bar, including the pressure test certificate or, possibly, X-ray test of the product capillary perfection. From a viewpoint of a media flow through the separator, the separator body design is made in a way that the cross-section of the flow through the body always corresponds to the pipeline dimensions required, and the material flow is not braked by the separator.

As a standard, MF separators are manufactured using the stainless steel material 1.4301. As an option, MAGSY can prepare the separator also for acidic or aggressive environments, as needed, in the material 1.4404 or 1.4571.

MF-UP flow-type separator may be conditionally used also in abrasive liquids, but in such cases, an increased wear and tear and more frequent covering pipe replacement must be taken into account. Pipe wall is machined to the thickness of ca 0.6 mm. An easy covering pipe replacement is enabled especially by the separator design of the MF-UP type. MF can be used in Ex environments (the modification will be carried out by MAGSY)


Separator safety and quality information

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Magnetic cores in MF separators

Magnetic cores are situated in covering pipes, and they are sliding in the component vertical direction. Own magnetic cores consist of permanent, circular magnets of a ring shape, and pole (distant) pads. In MF flow-type separators, MAGSY uses magnetic rings with the diameter of 29 or 20 mm.

Magnetic cores in MF separators are equipped with strong to very strong NdFeB magnets with an axial polarization. Core composition, i.e. the composition of the magnets and pole pads, is given by required magnetic output and the separation task. As a standard, the magnetic output is produced on six levels according to the separation task.

At any moment, the magnetic cores are fully covered or, in other words, closed in the covering pipes. Using this provision, permanent protection of the cores against damaging in liquid environments is provided. Core or pipe quantity in the MF separator is given by the separator size, type and model.

Magnetic core covering pipes are manufactured using seamless stainless steel pipes with the diameter of 31 or 21 mm, and they are machined to the pipe wall thickness ranging between 0.6 and 0.7 mm. MF type separator pipe surface treatment is using polishing, in order to provide perfectly smooth pipe surface where the medium flow is not braked at all.

All MF separators require regular manual pipe cleaning from magnetic impurities. The cleaning frequency cannot be stipulated generally. It always depends on the size of Fe impurity portion in own medium. Cleaning interval must be adapted to this value because each excessive deposit of impurities on pipes reduces the separation efficiency significantly. Due to that, MF separator using is only suitable in discontinuous operations where regular, sufficiently frequent pipe manual cleaning operations may be observed.

Flow labyrinth in MF separators

Pipe quantity and distribution within the separator body form a well-proven flow labyrinth.
An efficient functioning of all pipe-like separators is based on the following assumptions:

  1. Sufficient magnetic induction on the grate pipe surface and within their proximity (the values in G)
  2. High tear-off force on the own grate pipe surface (the values in N)
  3. Proper, well-functioning pipe flow labyrinth within the medium flow

Therefore, this means that a deep magnetic field is not crucial. Because of that, any impurity must be – first of all – led to an immediate magnetic pipe proximity. Magnetic pipes located in the MF separator body must be thus located within a proper labyrinth, in order to provide that all pipes form together an efficient flow labyrinth, and thus a “flow” filter.

The method of separation using pipe-like separators is very efficient in all liquid materials, but none (even the strongest possible) magnetic induction is able to compensate a good labyrinth function in a system of separation through pipe separators.


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Type designation and product line

MAGSY produce their separators of the MF type in three product groups. Each of the groups is formed by several models; this is according to a type of the magnetic separator. Particular MF product groups differ from each other, and they respect customer needs. This deals with their design, appearance, workmanship and different preferences regarding the magnetic force level, cleaning system comfort and the level of operator working safety provision.

Flow-type magnetic separator MF – CLASSIC

Flow-type magnetic separator MF – UP

Flow-type magnetic separator MF – EKO