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Magnetic separator with telescopic grates MSV - UP

Magnetic separator with telescopic grates MSV – UP

Magnetic separator MSV – UP is the newest separator type designed for using with loose mixtures. It is characteristic by a modern, innovative structure, simplified, rational manual cleaning system, and high protection level regarding the working safety.
Due to its high magnetic output, innovated labyrinth efficiency, generally rationalized design and overall engineering workmanship, this separator type meets all requirements of demanding customers so it becomes an expected market leader in the category of grate-type, manually cleaned separators.

More detailed information

Size models and the separator design

MST-UP is manufactured either for connections to circular pipes, or for connections to square pipes.


MSV-UP standard models and sizes:

  • For the circular pipelines with the diameters: 200; 300; 400 mm
  • For the square pipelines with the diameters: 200×200; 300×300; 400×400 mm

If needed (untypical mating dimensions, insufficient construction height), MAGSY is ready to produce the MSV-UP separator with modified dimensions, according to your instructions, per your order.  

MSV – UP separator main benefits:

  • Reliable separation – the labyrinth with at least two grate stages.
  • High separation quality – the strongest NdFeB magnets are used, and the magnetic force loss is reduced by an accurate core covering pipe machining to the thickness of 0.6 mm at max.
  • Adjustable level of the core magnetic equipment, on the levels I, – VI.  – this means the right separation task solving as a function of operational conditions.
  • Innovative solution of the whole system including outstanding core covering design and a possibility of an easy replacement of separate covering pipes. This means saving of operational costs regarding the device maintenance.
  • The device is compact, the grates are parts of the case, Fe waste receptacle is removable and is the product part – it does not require any additional cleaning aid.
  • The most user-friendly cleaning system = by pulling the separate component out, operator working time is reduced. There is a high working safety protection level!
  • The highest engineering workmanship level – the best materials used, high engineering workmanship precision, resistance, durability, readiness to assembling operations.

Magnetic separator with telescopic grates MSV – UP

Magnetic separator with telescopic grates MSV – UP

Magnetic separator with telescopic grates MSV – UP

MSV-UP is a compact device where the grates and magnetic cores form an independent component that is traveling (or moving out of the case) from the separator to one side. The component travel is guided on precise linear lines. The system ensures a possibility of entirely comfortable and very sure grate Fe-impurity cleaning system, especially from the working safety point of view. Within the separator cleaning process, operator hands do not get into a contact with the magnetic cores at all, so the risk of injury is minimum here!  The removable Fe-waste receptacle is a part of the separator. The separator does not require any additional cleaning preparation.

In the slide-out position, magnetic cores are covered with a flexible sac. This way the cores are protected against outer environment effects and damaging. Core covering pipes are removable individually. This means a significant reduction of the device maintenance costs given by the covering pipe wear and tear.

Tear-resistant covering pipes – RPFA special surface treatment

For using with very abrasive materials, we supply the covering pipes treated with a top-quality surface treatment. This special surface treatment has the thickness of 200 μm, and it is capable of reliable, long-term pipe protection against wearing out.

Anti-abrasive surface treatment of the covering pipes

Anti-abrasive surface treatment of the covering pipes

MSV UP cleaning steps

Magnetic separator with telescopic grates MSV – UP

Magnetic separator with telescopic grates MSV – UP

Magnetic separator with telescopic grates MSV – UP

Magnetic separator with telescopic grates MSV – UP

MSV-UP general technical specification


Magnetic equipment

  • Very strong NdFeB magnets situated in the covering pipes
  • Inter-circular magnet has the outer Ø= 29 mm; the pipe outer Ø= 31-32 mm, according to the magnetic output

Magnetic material temperature resistance

  • As a standard: up to 80 ˚C
  • As an option: up to 150 ˚C

Magnetic output

Grate system

  • An independent, sliding-out component with movable grates and cores

Dropping labyrinth

  • Magnetic grates on two levels at least

Linear guiding of the travel

  • Very precise linear guidance, dust-tight sealed sliding surfaces

Case and grate material

  • As a standard:  stainless steel 1.4301 / AISI 304
  • As an option:  stainless steel 1.4404 / AISI 316L (for acidic pH values)

Case sealing material

  • As a standard: rubber sealing related to the quality corresponding to the separation task and operational conditions
  • As an option: food industry sealing conforming to food industry requirements

Flexible sac material

  • Kortexin

Surface treatment

  • Case outer surfaces and grate frame: machine blasting using a ceramics mixture
  • Grate pipe outer surface: machine blasting, polishing as an option, anti-abrasive
  • Case inner surfaces are machine blasted. To meet food industry requirements, the corners and welds inside of the case are machined according to the food industry standards (as an option)

Mating dimensions

  • Using a flange as a standard, according to respective pipeline dimensions
  • Or optionally: JACOB clip, according to respective pipeline dimensions

Counter-flanges are parts of the product.  Other connecting elements (e.g. „smooth pipe“) are, as non-standard versions, possible as an option.

Engineering workmanship

All engineering workmanship operations are carried out on machines belonging to the company production facility, using own MAGSY CZ engineering technologies.

Component welds

They are performed according to requirements of valid technological norms dealing with stainless steel material welding. Demanding outgoing weld quality control guarantees a high outgoing production quality.

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