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Magnets above the conveyor / Overband magnetic separator - MSF

Magnets above the conveyor / Overband magnetic separator – MSF

Magnetic separator situated above belt conveyors, with an automatic cleaning (MS F), is suitable for a separation of big quantities of larger ferromagnetic impurities from easily permeable materials during their transportation on conveyor belts. Situating of this separator is mostly not possible without a modification of the conveyor design. The structural solution represents by a magnetic plate around which a conveyor belt with carriers rotates. Carriers aim at a transportation of the separated metal particles out of the magnet.

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Industrial areas of utilization of the magnetic separators situated above belt conveyors

Separators situated above conveyors with an automatic cleaning are suitable on places where transportation using conveyor belts prevail, and where the material characteristics does not enable using another magnetic separation method.

Utilization areas

  • Municipality waste assortment
  • Recycling and processing of derivative raw materials
  • Other industrial areas where easily permeable materials are processed

As a partially limiting factor of using this separator situated above belt conveyors, maximum conveyor belt speed may be considered. The speed should not exceed 1.5 m/s. In case the speed is higher, do not hesitate to contact us.

Utilization areas in the industrial operations


1. Separation aimed at a processing technology protection

As the main assumption of using this separator situated above a conveyor, a higher content of ferromagnetic impurities in the transported material must be considered. However, in respect to the characteristics of this separation method, we do not recommend using it in a protection against machine and device damaging in a technological string of a transported raw material processing, e.g. mills, crushers, sorters, etc.

2. Separation aimed at a product cleanliness:

In this case, the aim is achieving of the maximum product cleanliness, when no other separation technique may be employed. Usually, this process runs in the beginning (pretreatment), or in the end (final cleaning) of the manufacturing process. According to the separated material characteristics, its quantity and technical conditions, we choose the magnet with one or two poles. Also the magnet position against the conveyor belt, with the material to be separated, affects the magnet structural solution.

In case there is a thick layer of the separated material, or its permeability is not compromised, we recommend completing the belt conveyor with a magnetic driving cylinder providing also a separation from the lower material layers.

Magnets above the conveyor / Overband magnetic separator – MSF

Magnets above the conveyor / Overband magnetic separator – MSF

Magnets above the conveyor / Overband magnetic separator – MSF

Magnets above the conveyor / Overband magnetic separator – MSF

Magnets above the conveyor / Overband magnetic separator – MSF

Magnetic separator situated above belt conveyors – assembling technique

A great advantage of our magnetic separators situated above conveyors consists in their easy assembling on the separation place, using four hanging meshes. The separator should be located as close as possible to the separated material, keeping an air gap for the caught impurities and the cleaning profile belt carrier, in order to prevent their catching and damaging.

In order to increase the separation efficiency, it is advisable to open the conveyor belt on the place of assembly, in order to achieve a thinner separated material layer, spreading thus the material within the entire belt width. At the same time, we recommend to install the separator between cylinder-like stools, on the place with the lowest possible occurrence of other steel structures or, possibly, a replacement of a part of the conveyor structure within the nearest separator proximity, with stainless steel or other non-magnetic structural elements.

MS F magnetic separator is assembled across the conveyor containing a material to be separated. The separator may also be situated in parallel to the conveyor axis, above the pouring part. However, this technical solution may require the magnet modification so it must be stipulated in the ordering information.

Magnetic separator situated above belt conveyors – design and functioning

Magnetic separators situated above conveyors are manufactured in the standard dimensions corresponding to the type lines of the conveyor belt widths. They are always equipped with ferrite magnets whereas we distinguish between three main variants of required separation efficiency levels and local operational condition situations:

  • ECO – magnet thickness 190 mm, drive NORD or SEW, standard bearings. The separator does not have protective covers so its installation is not recommended in environments that are not protected against dust and atmospheric effects. The separator cannot be modified. The limitations stipulated above are compensated by a lower price.
  • STANDARD – magnet thickness 230 mm, drive NORD or SEW, SKF bearings. The device is completely covered that enables its installation in dusty environments. The separator finds its application area in most of the cases where the maximum recommended transported material speed is observed. By request, the separator may be completed with a belt position stability sensor and/or the sensor of the revolutions per minute, in order to detect situations when the belt is broken or blocked.
  •  ES (extra strong) – magnet thickness 300 mm, for using in demanding conditions where there is a hard material permeability or the material is transported in a thicker layer and, at the same time, a separation of smaller metal impurities is required. Technical design as well as the additional equipment possibilities are the same as in case of the STANDARD version.

The design of “MS F“ magnetic separators above conveyors is adapted to the industrial use, and the special magnetic circuit with a shadowing steel plate eliminates magnetic field radiation into the surroundings, concentrating it thus in the direction of the conveyor belt with the transported material.

Separated ferromagnetic impurity removal runs simultaneously. Due to that, no decrease of the magnet efficiency takes place, so the separator guaranties the highest possible efficiency during its operation.


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Product line

Magnetic separators situated above conveyors (MS F) are equipped with ferrite magnets and, according to the magnetic field intensity required and the local operational conditions, we distinguish between the type lines ECO, STANDARD and ES (extra strong). Separator sizes are adapted to the standard conveyor belt widths (500 and/or lower, 650-800, 1000-1200, 1400-1600 mm).